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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 7, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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you do, smiley face. mark tony, utility reform network, hopes the investigation will target the right people. >> people who get charged are the scapegoats who didn't have power and were just following orders. i think there's a difference. we want to make sure the people at the top don't get a free walk. >> reporter: people at the top like michael peavy. he's resigning in december. leaders say they want to see justice. >> we'd like to see justice done. if charges are appropriate, certainly weigh would support that. >> reporter: the cpuc had no comment. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc 7 news. the final autopsy report today confirms actor/comedian robin williams died by suicide. it showed no traces of alcohol or illegal drugs in williams' system. williams was taking prescription medications, but he only had the prescribed amounts in his system. williams hanged himself with a
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belt inside his home in august. they report details williams battled depression, paranoia and early stages of parkinson's disease. it also states there were signs in his brain of early dementia which frequently accompanies parkinson's. and the final police report says the night before williams died he placed several of his wrist watches in a sock and gave them to a friend to protect them, an apparent symptom of his paranoia issue. >> downtown san jose suffered an economic blow today after a backhoe ruptured a major gas line. thousands of people had to evacuate and dozens of businesses were forced to close. tonight some streets downtown are still closed. all this happened on south market street this morning as abc 7 news reporter david louie first tweeted at 11:16 with breaking news. that's where david is live tonight. david, serious impact from this leak. >> reporter: that is true, dan. eastbound san at that clara street is still closed. now a second wave just arrived here on scene to work on that
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ruptured gas line and as long as they're here that means more detours for cars and inconvenience for pedestrians. a huge cloud of natural gas rose four stories high over the intersection of santa clara and market streets. the crossroads of downtown san jose. firefighters wearing facemasks disappeared as they walked into the clouds towards the source of the leak. the high pressure line was releasing so much gas that there was a risk of ignition. mitch says firefighters came bursting into his office across the street ordering an immediate evacuation. >> we were leaving the building. you kind of got a little light headed from all the natural gas in the air. you could actually see it billowing up about four stories up in the air. it was a pretty big break. >> reporter: he and his co-workers had emergency equipment on hand. >> another co-worker came to my office and said he smelled something funny. i said, yeah, it smells like gas. so he ran into another office, got masks for our co-workers and
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we were prepared. >> reporter: downtown high rises create their own winds, something firefighters had to fa factor into it their evacuation plans. the gas cloud was blowing to the south and east which made it safe for people in other directions to shelter in place. the farmers market on san pedro street a block away stayed in operation. we estimate we evacuated about 2,500 people. and the reason why the building behind us under construction had 700 or 800 workers alone. we estimate about 2,500 were evacuated, probably the same number sheltered in place. >> reporter: while crews worked on stopping the gas leak, fire crews checked gas levels inside office buildings. ventilation systems drafted some of the natural gas indoors. >> we're going to have to go floor by floor with our gas monitoring devices. that said you can smell gas and see gas' presence but the level of it is not enough to ignite. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. this week santa clara county became the first jurisdiction in
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the western united states to ban the sale of flavored tobacco products. county supervisors passed that ban on tuesday. it affects just 18 retailers in unincorporated parts of the county. federal law banned flavored cigarettes since 2009 but does not take into account other tobacco products such as cigars. anti-smoking advocates say the flavored products were designed for kids. >> i feel that just because it has a cherry flavor or vanilla flavor you're more inclined to smoke because smoking is still smoking. >> well, the flavor itself, i guess, is kind of appealing. it overcasts the whole tobacco flavor. >> the cigar association of america says some cigar blends include fruit juices, nuts and spices and should not be included in that ban. >> tonight tragic news for a san jose father whose son is one of 43 students missing in mexico. 19-year-old israel lagardo disappeared with his class maids six weeks ago. today relatives were told six bags of human remains were
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fwound near where they disappeared. remains have not been identified. at least 59 people including the mayor have been detained. well, a san jose couple is heading to state prison for a series of home burglaries. 25-year-old dunkirk and juan carlos received 10 and 19 year sentences today. the two pleaded no contest in august to 11 counts of burglary. residential burglary. they say kirk worked at a pet smart and would send ramos to the homes of customers who brought their dogs in to be boarded while on vacation. >> a big real estate deal in the south bay to talk about tonight. sears revealed today it has sold its store for just over $100 million. the store will continue to operate for one year. we also learned that macy's and jcpenney's sold their stores in cupertino, all three at the v c valco shopping mall. they were reportedly sold to the san hill property company, a
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developer in silicon valley. as for sears, the company says it may sell as manies as 300 stores to a real estate investment trust and lease back the space. the troubled retailer is trying to raise some cash. wall street loves the idea. shares soared more than 30% to more than $43 in trading today. a delegation from san antonio is in the bay area today to meet with the oakland raiders owners about moving the team to texas. the team won't say where that meeting took place or even confirm that it happened. laura anthony joins us from team headquarters. laura? >> reporter: well, hi, cheryl. raiders supporters say mark davis, the owner, has no reason to look elsewhere. they point to all the sellouts at the coliseum for a team without one win this this season. others tell us it's not about the fan support. it's all about getting a new stadium. >> they're in town. >> yes. >> fantastic. >> reporter: they are a group of leaders from san antonio, texas, former raiders receiver cliff
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branch says oakland fans may not like it but raiders owner mark davis needs to explore his options. >> our fans need a new stadium. they deserve to be in oakland. but the raiders want a new stadium. so we'll have to wait and see. >> reporter: the raiders won't confirm the meeting but former san antonio mayor henry cisneros has. the team's lease ends at the end of this season. los angeles has been mentioned as a possible option for the raiders. >> obviously the raiders tried going to l.a. before. they chose to come back to oakland. >> reporter: oakland mayor elect libby shaft says she is committed to convincing davis to stay here. >> it's for us to sell oakland and convince him that this is the place for the raiders, for the a's. i am committed to doing that although i have been very clear that i will not put public money in a stadium construction. >> reporter: but some former raiders think the owner needs to do what's best for his team here or elsewhere.
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>> because we don't care where they play at. they can play on the moon and we'll be right there as raiders fans. >> i think mark probably has an emotional desire to want to do the same to stay here. at the end of the day it is a business decision to be made. >> reporter: one possible scenario would be for the raid ers to temporarily move to san antonio until oakland or los angeles could construct a new stadium. laura anthony, abc 7 news. a lot more coming up. behind the scenes of a biocontainment center. >> so this right here is the respirator. >> a bay area hospital does a show and tell. is it ready for the most serious ebola cases. that's ahead. plus -- >> to make our streets safer, this is not rocket science. >> the new plea about an old problem. >> a sweet reunion in the south bay, how authorities found this dog's owner. and you might want to rethink the roach motel. this looks gross. what looks to be going in had circles could help save lives.
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the ebola virus is prompting hospitals to look at their pr o protocols and kaiser permanente says they are well prepared to battle the disease. the new ebola containment area. john than bloom joins us from kiser in oakland with more. jonathan? >> reporter: if you're among the one in three bay area residents who have kaiser for health care and unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with ebola, this hospital is where you'll end up if you're anywhere in the bay area, that is. they've taken what was a vacant unit and turned it into an ebola care center. no one is being treated there now but they're ready. >> what you see is a critical
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care unit fully dedicated to ebola care. >> reporter: on the sixth floor kaiser permanente unveiled a room no patient should ever want to be in. nurses specially trained for the task showed off the three layer protective suits they'll wear if the need arises. >> this is the respirator, the pack on the back. >> reporter: getting dressed is a 15-minute process supervised by two other people. >> we call that the buddy system. we actually have a check list just like you would for an airplane. >> reporter: the staff in this unit spend hours in training playing ut scenario using medical dummies. these nurses say they volunteered for the task. >> it's really important too t to take care of every patient no matter what kind of condition. we can take care of any kind of patient. >> reporter: but not every nurse likes kaiser's approach. >> we are asking to have the equipment, the optimal protection equipment, hazmat suits, powered respiratory, for all nurses.
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>> reporter: the california nurses association in contract negotiations says it's the latest place they want more tools and training. >> we're actually about to go on strike at kaiser next tuesday and we are going on strike because of that bigger context of not having the resources. >> we are very disappointed that the union has put our nurses in that position. >> reporter: kaiser told reporters it makes more sense to keep ebola care in one place limiting exposure. >> the ability to concentrate a small group of people that are very expert in taking care of these patients is very important. >> reporter: now kaiser adds that all of its nurses are being trained to screen for ebola and to isolate a patient and protect themselves. what's going on at this hospital is for the ongoing treatment of of ebola and that's only here in oakland and at a similar facility in south sacramento. in oakland, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. all right, john be than, thanks very much. a big rig driver died after a crash in san jose. it happened just before 11:00 on
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tully road. sky 7 hd shows the big rig being towed away. the driver was uncan conscious when first responders arrived and died a short time later. a person in another vehicle did not appear to be seriously injured. >> this is a stunning number. 18 pedestrians have been killed in san francisco this year. that is just three short of last year's total of 21 with what's typically the deadliest month for pedestrians and december is yet to come. members rallied at city hall. they have done lots of planning to improve pedestrian safety but little to actually get it done. just yesterday a jogger was killed by a bus making a left turn at lombard street. >> waiting for responses from the city, people are getting hit. more and more people are walking down the street. therefore, we want to see the city respond immediately.
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>> the group says the total number of people killed on san francisco streets so far this year is 28. that includes pedestrians, bicyclists and those in motor vehicle accidents. >> an emotional reunion for a woman whose dog was stolen months ago and found in a dumpster over the weekend after all this time. lucille williams says she is overjoyed to have her longtime assistance dog back home where she belongs. someone took 8-year-old caly from williams' car in august. the dog was found saturday in a dumpster in san francisco's tenderloin with broken ribs and head injuries. >> she's been in the hospital for some time. spca did a wonderful job taking care of her and the animal control that got her. thank god for them. >> they say she had a microchip that helped get the dog home. they're asking anyone who might know what happened to give them a call. >> i hope someone turns that person in.
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the reward for someone who shoot a heron is $6,000. pellets from an air rifle lodged in the bird's chest. it is being called for in fairfield, being treated for gunshot wounds and a fractured wing. well, no one likes the sight of cockroaches scurrying all over the floor or anyone else for that matter. it creeps us out. they may one day help save people in a disaster. researchers at north carolina state university in raleigh, north carolina, turned common cockroaches into cyborg biobo it ts really. that translates into bionic rescuers that can find people trapped in rubble by using microphones. the tiny creatures can be remotely controlled through small scircuit boards attached o their nervous systems. can you believe this? software analyzes data and steers them towards sounds. they can be differentiated
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between calls for help versus, say, a leaky pipe. solar cells recharge the micro electronics. they also can be kept from leaving the disaster sites through the use of an invisible fence. >> that's pretty amazing. all right. well, while we are enjoying our wonderful autumn weather in the bay area preparing for bitter cold and a big storm. i talked to abc news anchor david muir about that earlier today. great to see you. we'll have more on the storm. forecasters say stronger than hurricane sandy about to hit. and then the polar plunge. much of the country all the way down to the gulf about to be 30 degrees or more below normal. also the big story in the west, the little girl stolen from her home. the stepfather who chases down the kidnapper and cheryl will have more on that stunning 911 call coming up. >> david, you go backstage for some pretty exciting stuff. >> stay tuned for this. backstage with bruce springsteen. my enter view with john stewart and the amazing moment we all
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witnessed together. you'll understand why we're all here together to honor our persons of the week coming up. >> world news tonight is coming up at 5:30 here on abc 7. all right. next stop oakland international airport. b.a.r.t. announced its new rail link between the coliseum station will open november 22 just in time for thanksgiving week. the trains will replace the existing shuttle buses. the fair will be $6. the 50th season today. not a twhoel lwhole lot of snows always one of the first to open in the area. they received 10 inches of natural snow last weekend and have been adding the man made stuff to it ever since. >> amazing. ski season all right. we're not expecting any rain or snow in the near future. >> a look at the weather. >> oh, there's a chill in the air and then there are people on the embashg drcadero jogging in
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shorts. i don't know what they're thinking. it turned out to be a nice day, a little cooler today. we have a warm-up for the weekend and a rain chance later on. live doppler 7 hd. and we'll talk about what's happening right now. pretty foggy along the coast. visibility half a mile in half moon bay when you take a look at these live pictures you'll see what it looks like from our tower camera. a spectacular shot of the fog and high clouds. temperatures upper 50s in san francisco, half moon bay. 163 in oakland. 64 san jose. mild in morgan hill. sfo, no delays being reported but there is some fog there. upper 60s santa rosa, napa, 63 in petaluma. our highs today we're down a few degrees. upper 50s to low 80s. this is what you need to watch out for if you're heading out to catch a movie or grab dinner, the fog is pretty thick around the golden gate bridge. areas of fog dense in spots overnight tonight.
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warmer days this weekend and we are looking at a chance of rain after the middle of the week. fog tonight will be around first thing tomorrow morning and a few patches in over the bay. for your early saturday plans, just give yourself a little more time to get to where you need to. the mid-40s to mid-50s and watch out for the fog when you do take the dog out for a walk or you're taking your kids out for games. tomorrow afternoon and sunday afternoon we expect warmth as had high pressure will take control for our weekend. now we do want to turn your attention to the pretty powerful extra tropical storm that is entering the behring sea. once a super typhoon that merged with a disturbance and could bring 45-foot waves to the area there as we head to the next couple of days. by monday we may be talking about extremely cold weather as an arctic air mass is going to invade the northern u.s. and possibly go further south as well with windchills in the
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single digits. it will be cold early. 78 degrees in the south bay in san jose tomorrow not cold. 77 in santa clara. sunshine on the peninsula. upper 70s in redwood city. 70 in pacifica. some fog will linger into the afternoon. 69 daly city. and in the north bay 80 for sonoma. 81 napa. a few high clouds out there. east bay, 76. hayward, oakland, 78 in fremont. inland spots running warmer than average. 80 degrees in concord. 81 in fair field. 80 degrees in livermore. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, it's a mild to warm weekend. low 70s to low 80s. cooling gets under way early to middle part of next week. you'll start to see an increase in the cloud cover which will lead to the chance of rain on thursday. there's a slight chance of rain and snow in tahoe and then we'll keep in that slight chance in
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the bay area on friday. if you're thinking about washing your cars, go ahead but know that next week mother nature may do it for you which is welcome news. dan, cheryl? >> thank you so much. >> stay with us. feeding your mind and your soul. >> fre
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a bizarre breaking news in contra costa county, a water rescue that turned into an arrest. >> it's strange happening at a canal near the medical center in antioch. you can sea officers pepper sprayed the man as he was climbing out that have canal. >> now we don't know why but after he jumped back into the water threw him a line, pulled him back in had. he cuffed the man and took hem away. >> no word yet on what he is charged with but we'll stay on top of the story. >> we're going to switch gears now because it's friday. >> congratulations. you made it to the weekend. we want to start it off right for you. >> no better way than friday
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free stuff. >> we'll feed your mind and soul. not your mouth. we'll start off with some yoga from a great organization here in the bay area. they have a bunch of places all over the bay area. there you go. it's called yoga works. they have four locations. walnut creek, a huge facility out there. one free week. i guess that's your soul. let's take care of your mind. how about some free books. they're going to be on a.m. amazon. pardon me, local author who has some free downloads. it's a children's novel for
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third graders on up. like i said from san jose. very easy to download. we'll show you how to do it on our website. those are the two items. >> excellent. >> how do we get this information? >> what should we do? >> let me show you right there. dial that number. >> downward dog. >> watch out. don't hurt yourself. >> one of the greatest guitarists of all time. just ahead, carlos santana reflect on the bay area man who helped reflect him today.
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. new at can 6:00, a closer look at a new university in san francisco that's making people think twice about what it means to go to college. and, stop spending big bucks on makeup. make it yourself instead. 7 on up side's michael finney profiles some bay area residents who are doing just that. all that plus much more in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. all right, ama, thank you. the iconic carlos santana has a new memoir about his career that started in the 1960s. >> leyla gulen talked about it. it's a resonance, a vibration that emanates from
5:29 pm
people's hearts to remind other people's hearts that they are significant, meaningful, and they can create miracles and blessings. >> reporter: how did the bay area impact the trajectory of your life? >> look, where did did steve jobs come from? palo alto. i'm very blessed i grew up in the bay area. the bay area is an explosion of consciousness. >> be and creativity obviously. he is collaborating with his woodstock band mates. universal tone is on sale now. that's a nice name. catchy. >> such incredible music and such a philanthropist. he does so much for the community. >> true. that's going to do it for us. "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you in half an hour.
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welcome to "world news tonight." hitting at this hour -- a massive storm. forecasters say it could be stronger than sandy. 60-foot waves, and plummeting temperatures. all the way down to the south. the breaking news, the president doubling the amount of troops sent to iraq. martha raddatz standing by. and the girl stolen from her home. her parents waking up. and chasing the kidnapper down. >> he took my 5-year-old daughter. developing now, what the coroner has just revealed about robin williams. and we take you backstage, the stars there to witness one amazing moment, and you're there tonight.


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